Our mission is to facilitate the growth of the ninja community.


The Florida Ninja League exists for the sole purpose of strengthening the ninja community and hosting a final competition that is truly worthy of our ninjas’ skills.

We are also planning on rolling out a ranking system where ninjas can earn points as they attend and do well in their home gym’s weekly or monthly mini-comps. More details will come as the plan is finalized and the local gyms get on board.



A major desire of this league is to host a final competition that is truly worthy of our Ninjas’ skills. The event will be 3 stages long, and none of the obstacles will be designed for the sole purpose of eliminating competitors as fast as possible. This course will be made with the intent of showcasing the skills of our ninjas. The course will be fun, challenging, and very rewarding to those ninjas that have put in the time to train for it. Cash prizes are expected to go out to the top ten ninjas.


How to qualify for the Finals

In order to qualify for the finals, you must place in the top 20% at any Florida Ninja League competition. For a full list of upcoming competitions, click HERE!


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